Wall O'Cheese

I'm hoping they have enough wine to go with all that cheese.

The announcements came out yesterday and I can now tell the world that I will be presenting at TechEd this year. Denny Cherry (blog | @mrdenny) and I will be doing a precon seminar at TechEd in Orlando in June. The title is “Microsoft SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization” and we are very excited to have this opportunity.

And apparently Microsoft is excited to have us as well, because they are also sending the two of us to Amsterdam to do a repeat performance two weeks later for TechEd Europe.

Go and get yourself registered for Orlando, Amsterdam, or both!

I’m making a list of all the things I want to see and do in Amsterdam while there, and I’m putting Van Halen at the top of the list followed by eating a raw herring while wearing wooden shoes and sitting under a windmill.