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PASS Board Coming To You!

PASS Board Coming To You!

Last year the PASS Board held a formal meeting in Nashville at a time that coincided with the SQL Saturday event there. I thought this was a wonderful idea. The members of the Board were able to interact directly with members of the SQL Community without everyone having to travel all the way to Seattle.

Last week we held our meeting in Dallas. As luck would have it there was a meeting of the North Texas SQL Server User Group. As luck would further have it, I was the scheduled speaker. As a representative of Confio Software I was asked to speak to the NTSSUG a while back and January was the best time for me to go. The entire board went to the meeting last Thursday and while driving to the meeting I started to recall the events from Nashville and it hit me: why don’t we do this more often?

I am going to suggest to the Board that we look to meet and co-locate with a local event. Our next Board meeting will be held in Orlando just prior to SQL Rally. The next Board meeting after that is tentatively scheduled for August 10-12. We don’t have any location picked out yet. If you are having an event that week in August, or thinking about an event that week, let us know. We would love to attend and meet more Community members that we might not otherwise have the chance to meet.

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  • Would a SQL User Group count? We don’t have user group meetings during July and August due to the heat, but it would be a benefit to have a visit from the board.

    • Thomas LaRock


      Of course! We just visited with the NTSSUG, so that is fine for us to co-locate with.

  • You can always come out and support SQLSaturday #47. The weather will be great in February.

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  • Tom, there some discussion about this over dinner Friday night and this is a fantastic idea. I think it will really help PASS stay connected to the chapters.

  • Mala

    Tom, we don’t have anything big going but would have our monthly meet and our members would love to meet the board.(Louisville) Just throwing my hat in for consideration, thanks.

  • Here in Southeast Michigan we would love to see you all and hear what is going on with the Board. And we have some of the best Middle Eastern food around.