For the third straight year I am on the ballot for the PASS Board of Directors. It is truly an honor to be considered for this position. I hope that my service to the PASS Community for the last year has been well received and that you will see fit to send me back to serve a full term.

Things will be slightly different this year as the elections will take place before the PASS Summit. Elections will take place between October 12th and 20th.

As part of our campaign materials this year we were asked to put together a short video. The video had to be submitted by September 13th, so it already feels a little dated to me. You can see it listed in my podcasts page or at I also have it on my homepage for now but it will eventually rotate out from there.

With regards to that video, I mean exactly what I say: come find us and challenge us to get you excited about PASS. Ask us about our visions for where we want to see PASS go. More importantly, tell me what you want PASS to become. If re-elected then I am there to serve the best interests of the community. That means I would want the community to tell me what they would like.

Also, starting this Tuesday (as in tonight) and for the next three Tuesdays I will broadcast live on UStream. Join me and ask me whatever questions you have regarding PASS, the elections, and why I am motivated to serve for another two years.

Give me the chance to earn your vote, that’s all I ask.