Lost Data

DBAs get paid for performance but we keep our jobs with recovery.Being able to recover data is the most important job function you have as a DBA.  If you can't recover your data because database backups are missing, or corrupt, then you should consider a new line of work.The year is...

how to recreate sql server statistics in a different environment
HOW TO: Recreate SQL Server Statistics In a Different Environment

Did you know table and index statistics are the most important piece of metadata for your database?The reason for this has to do with how SQL Server (and other database engines) build query execution plans. The query optimizer builds an execution plan based upon the statistical data available at the...

101 Things I Wish You Knew About SQL Server

Last week I was visiting the SolarWinds home office in Austin and hanging with my fellow Head Geeks. Our conversations often cover a wide range of topics and at times even turn into teaching lessons for each other. I get to learn about networks, storage, virtualization, monitoring, etc. and I...

SQL Server Backup Audit

I had a question come up last week from someone that wanted to know a few basic facts about their SQL Server backups for audit purposes. The facts they wanted were straightforward:Who took the backup? When was it taken? Where was it written?Simple questions that are answered with a simple script. As usual,...

On Friction

Friction.It's all around us. You might say friction is what makes the world go 'round. A constant battle between irresistible forces meeting immovable objects. In the end, something gives.Here in New England we see examples of friction each winter in the form of ice dams on the edge of our...

Get All Endpoints for VMs in an Azure Subscription

I wrote a post recently about troubleshooting connectivity for endpoints on Microsoft Azure VMs. The day the post went out I was greeted with this tweet: right on time context post for me @SQLRockstar tx sir. Need to see on ports for my #linux vms with #mysql running :) — Shyam Viking...