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Rankings FAQ

This page is my attempt at helping to answer the questions I receive regarding my SQL Blogger Rankings. Should you need additional clarification on anything related to the rankings I would ask you to remember the First Rule about my rankings:

“The First Rule about my rankings is that they are my rankings.”

If you are still not satisfied and really feel the need to ask something not covered below, please send an email to, which will help to expedite my response. You’re welcome.

Why are you doing this?

This all started because I found my Google Reader (remember when that was a thing?) to be bloated with RSS feeds. There were too many to sort through, the names of the feeds do not always match the author so I would have to think, and I hate having to think about anything. I just want the knowledge and images to go directly into my brain and I hope Google works on a Clockwork Orange type device that does exactly that in the near future. I would reference the Matrix but I really don’t want anything embedded in the back of my skull, thanks anyway.

Why are you using groups, and not just an overall rank?

Good question. I thought about an overall rank but realized that it was nearly impossible to rank the bloggers because they are valuable for different reasons. So, if I were to rank them, then I would need some criteria for moving them up or down through the rankings. It is easier to group the bloggers and move them between groups over time rather than up or down a notch. How would you define the difference between 11th and 12th on a list? I don’t know, and I didn’t want to spend any time trying to figure it out. So, the groups made the most sense, and using the system database names seemed to fit nicely.

What makes you so special that you think you can rank anyone?

I dunno, I just figured I was old enough to decide for myself who I liked. Thanks for the question though.

How do I get my name listed on your rankings?

It is as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Step one, start blogging.
  2. Step two.
  3. Step three, profit.

Get it?

How do I get to the top of a group?

Providing you are even in a group to begin with, you should then change your last name to something like Aardvark, that would be a big plus over everyone else.

Why was my name removed?

It depends. Perhaps you have not posted to your blog since the last time I did an update, and I am tired of lugging your RSS feed around. Perhaps you are still blogging as often as before, but others are doing more. Perhaps I realized that you only cut and paste from the BOL and offer very little advice and insight to others on any practical application of the subject of your post.

Or perhaps, judging by the fact that you cared so much to send an email, you are more focused on yourself rather than on helping others. Tough call for me, so I’ll let you decide.

Is there a limit to the number of people in a group?

Yes, I try to limit the number of people in any group to be between eight and ten. That could give me as many as fifty bloggers to keep track of daily and constantly compare to each other on top of everyone else in my reader that has the potential of making the rankings one day. There is no minimum right now, and I reserve the right to change my mind anytime as per the First Rule.

What do you like to read about?

Lots of things. I like to be educated and entertained. If you can do both at the same time, you will be on the fast track to having your name listed alphabetically with others on my piece of cyberspace. Really, it is that exciting.

You have [person] listed, and they suck, so you must suck as well.

OK, but did you have a question?

I am in the [group_name] group, what does that mean?

I have grouped the SQL Bloggers into groups, named after the system databases and in order of importance as follows: resourcedb, master, model, msdb, tempdb. I have also added a group for Big Data and Azure, and groups reportserver and reportservertempdb in an effort to keep up with the time as they are a-changing.

The bloggers in the resourcedb group are the bloggers you should immediately start following and never stop. They are the people that offer the most value in terms of material, practical applications of the material, and are always willing to help. For some, this is their job, but they go above and beyond by being active at all hours of the day most of the time. If you were to only follow these bloggers you would gain valuable insight into the world of MSSQL as well as additional reference points to follow.

The master group are what I like to refer to as the master bloggers, because that is what they are. They have built up an incredible reach and they offer valuable insight on various topics, mostly technology related, but not always strictly related to SQL Server. In most cases they have been around for a long time, have established names, and continue to crank out great work almost daily. For some, this is their job. For others, this is their passion. For some, it’s mostly a marketing vehicle but they offer a decent nugget of information every now and then that may have value.

The model group are the bloggers that I would recommend most people try to model themselves after. It would be daunting to compare yourself to the resourcedb bloggers and master bloggers as you try to build up your blog and/or brand. If you did you may find yourself easily discouraged, and I wouldn’t want that. I am trying to encourage you to publish your thoughts, and if you follow this group you will get an idea as to how best find your voice. This group tends to post frequently, but the content here will be mixed, which is good for someone trying to find their voice.

The msdb group is reserved for those bloggers that are getting the job done. They may not publish frequently, but when they do it is usually quality stuff. They are worth following, no question, otherwise I wouldn’t list their names. In most cases you are going to find bloggers here that already have full time jobs, and blogging is not part of their duties. So, these are the bloggers that are going out of their way to help others when they have the time to do so.

The tempdb group has the bloggers that I want to recognize for doing good work. However, they are also the group of bloggers that could most easily fall off and never been seen again, just like a temp table. There is no line separating names in this group, because they are all equally eligible for promotion or relegation back into my general RSS feeds.

Why is your name not listed in your own rankings?

Thanks, but I could not hold a candle to these people. I am barely able to feed myself most days.