Blogger Disclosure

As a blogger it is important that disclosures are made for all applicable interests. This is the official blogger disclosure resource for Thomas LaRock.

Issue:  This document was last revised in 01-Jan-2018.

Statement of Neutrality, Alignment and Interests

I work for SolarWinds, makers of Database Performance Analyzer, a database performance monitoring application. This blog is not a commercial blog for SolarWinds.

I am currently a SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and VMware vExpert.

Prior to June 7, 2010: I attest that I had no situation in my professional work experience or blogging activities that would prohibit an objective perspective of any product or company. No situation in my professional work experience or blogging activities would place any technology situation in any conflict of interest.

Commercial Content List

I have engaged in commercial (paid and non-paid) content (blogs, articles, print materials, speaking engagements, podcasts, webcasts, judging events, etc.) for the following organizations:

SQL Server Central
Quest Software
Microsoft TechEd – North America
Microsoft TechEd – Europe
Microsoft Ignite
VMworld – US
VMworld – Europe
Enterprise Data World

Key Material Interests

I have material interest in SolarWinds.

Prior to June 7, 2010: I had no direct, material interest in any technology company that I covered as part of my blogging activities. There may be stocks in technology companies that are part of my investment portfolio via mutual funds, but I do not have direct stock in any of the companies I covered.


All posts on the commercial content sites and my personal site are identified as me (Thomas LaRock) and/or as SQLRockstar.


Blogging Events

I participated in Tweetups hosted by NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in November 2010 and April 2011. All expenses were paid directly by me to attend this event.

PASS Summit

As a member of the PASS Board, I received a complimentary admission to the PASS Summit and PASS Business Analytics Conference and up to five (5) nights stay at a hotel. I am responsible for any meals outside of those served as part of those events.

Revenue and Operations

Ad Revenue
The and websites do not have any ad revenue arrangements.

My commercial blogging interests may have ad revenue, administered by each site. I do not receive any portion of that revenue, all of my paid commercial materials are flat-rate.

I am a member of the Amazon Affiliate program. Links to from this site will contain my referrer code.

Direct Revenue
All revenue to me comes only from the commercial sites listed above for content that is paid content under terms of the site. This revenue is reported via my tax filings and subject to all applicable taxes.

Indirect Revenue
To date, I have had no indirect revenue from any of my blogging activities.

Comment Moderation
All comments are posted on my, blogs through the use of Disqus. To date, I’ve not had a valid comment not be passed through moderation. Go to to find out more information regarding the Disqus privacy policy.

If a comment uses language I find offensive, I reserve the right to delete the comment. Otherwise, all comments will be permitted on the site.

For my material that ends up on the commercial sites listed above, each site manages their comment process to their standards and requirements. I have no control over that process.

Email Privacy Policy
I collect emails via MailChimp for the sole purpose of the IS [NOT] NULL newsletter. Your email addresses are stored with MailChimp. I have access to your email address but will not share them with any 3rd party. I promise to only use your email address for sending posts, the IS [NOT] NULL newsletter, and/or notifications regarding this blog.

Go to to find out more information regarding your email subscription and MailChimp.

Direct and Indirect Exchanges

Meetings Over a Meal
In the course of the business side of my social media endeavors I have received one or more free meals from the following organizations: Quest Software, Red Gate Software, Confio Software, SentryOne, SolarWinds, Microsoft, VMware.

Microsoft has provided me a discounted MSDN subscription as part of the MVP program.

Miscellaneous Evaluation Equipment
Over the years I have received a number of products primarily as a result of my participation in the Microsoft MVP program available through my MSDN subscription. I have also rceived evaluation software from Quest Software, Red Gate Software, SentryOne, and VMware.

Relationship to Employer

My blogging practice has always maintained a separation between my professional responsibilities of my employer, current and prior. Posts found on are not approved by any employer, past or present. The statements and views expressed are mine alone.

My position with SolarWinds permits me blogging as prescribed above.

If you have any questions about this material, please contact me via email at