SQL Konferenz 2017I will be presenting at SQL Konferenz in Darmstadt, Germany next month, marking my fourth consecutive trip to Germany. I enjoy the event and visiting Darmstadt, home of the European Space Agency. (Canada is a member despite not being in Europe and they say Americans are geographically challenged but whatevs).

This year I have two sessions. Together with Karen López (blog | @datachick) we will be offering a full training day session on February 14th titled “Advanced Accidental Database Design for SQL Server“. We will cover enhancements in SQL Server 2016 for building databases in an enterprise environment on modern project teams. As we have done in the past we will have demonstrations and several exercises, along with group labs to cover advanced database design skills. But this isn’t your average “Here’s how to create a table, now go build a database” course. Our goal is to cover new features in SQL Server 2016 that are relevant to modern enterprise development practices. We’ll talk about some of the pain points designers feel as well as the costs, benefits, and risks associated with design choices. And we will hand out space-themed prizes because did I mention the ESA is located in Darmstadt?

The other session I have in on February 16th and is titled “Upgrading to SQL Server 2016“. Having been involved with databases for over 20 years now, I know that upgrading to the latest version of SQL Server is often seen as a comprehensive and difficult project. Management often fails to see the benefit for migrating to the latest version and your end users aren’t interested in all of the extra testing. You need to come up with a plan that earns both management and end-user support. I will cover the information you need to collect and consider before, during, and after upgrading to SQL Server 2016. If you feel stuck on an older version of SQL Server, attend this session to understand the features and benefits of SQL Server 2016 that will justify your upgrade project. Come and learn about the tools and methods that will make your upgrade project be successful.

If you are in, or near, Darmstadt in February I hope you take the time to join us at SQL Konferenz!