SQL Server Identity Values Check on GitHubLast year I blogged about a script that Karen López (blog | @datachick) and I wrote together to help you determine if you were running out of SQL Server identity values. In the past year we have shared the script with attendees of our many sessions on database design. Along the way we have received feedback on the script, including exchanging emails with people that offer suggestions on improving the script.

One such email exchange was with Ricky Lively, who used my original script as a starting point for what he needed. It was then that I decided that I should make the script available for anyone to use, modify, and help others by keeping track of the changes.

Enter GitHub. I’ve been using GitHub for years, but only privately for my own stuff. I decided that now was as good a time as any to create a public repository for my blog scripts. So that’s what I did. Four months ago. Yes, I am only just telling you now. Look, I’ve been busy.

Right now the only script is the identity values check, but I should be adding more as time allows. If you are using one of my scripts and want to see it included just drop me an email. I will move it to the top of the list. And if you have an idea for something new, just let me know.

Lastly, I updated the original post to point people to the GitHub version. I thought that was best in case people are still stumbling across that copy.