SQL Server 2014: What's vNew For vNextLast week during TechEd North America Microsoft announced that SQL Server 2014 was coming…soon-ish.

No release date has been set as of yet, and we have been told we *may* expect a preview in the next few weeks. Click here to be notified when the bits are ready. I’m very excited to get my hands on those bits as there are a lot of new features I want to see.

One thing that I don’t believe is being mentioned enough about SQL Server 2014 is the fact that Microsoft was able to push out a new release in such a short timeframe. SQL Server 2012 was officially released in April of 2012. That’s only 14 months ago! Hats off to everyone at Microsoft who was able to shorten the development lifecycle while implementing a host of new features into SQL Server 2014.

I put together a quick slide deck that captures some of the new features that I am eager to see coming. You can view the slides here:

Here’s a quick recap of the items coming in SQL Server 2014:

  • Hekaton – code name for for the new in-memory OLTP engine
  • Deeper integration with Windows Azure
  • Memory caching using SSDs
  • Updateable tables that are using Columnstore indexes
  • Resource Governor can now throttle I/O
  • Enhanced cardinality for statistics
  • Enhanced separation of duties
  • Expanding the ability to do ONLINE maintenance operations

If you have been waiting to learn SQL Server 2012, you are about to fall even further behind. The lists of enhancements in SQL Server 2014 being talked about are the major features, but I am certain there will be a lot of little changes (new datatypes, T-SQL enhancements, etc.) coming out with SQL Server 2014 as well.

You can download the SQL Server 2014 datasheet here.