perf1Performance tuning is hard. Everyone knows that.

Has anyone ever tried to figure out why?

Sure, there’s that big old “it depends” that gets tossed about. Look, at the end of the day you only have so many possible resource bottlenecks: disk, memory, CPU, and network. I don’t care if you are running Linux, Unix, or Windows, we all face the same bottlenecks. You can’t escape them; you can only mitigate them for a period of time.

But what if performance tuning didn’t have to be so hard? What is there was an easy to follow process that helped you to understand the information you needed in order to tune a badly performing query? What if there was a process you could follow to help you write a query correctly the very first time you sat at your keyboard to piece it together?

Join Tim Chapman (blog | @chapmandew) and me tomorrow (March 21st, 2PM EDT) and we will share with you our 12 step program for building or tuning queries.

The idea for this talk is simple: if you are given a query to build or tune for the first time, how should you begin?

As a result of my Six Sigma training I am a big proponent of having a well defined process in place for just about everything. I’ve even written articles on how to use statistical sampling to test that your database backups are valid. I believe that many database professionals find performance tuning to be hard simply because there is lack of a well defined process.

On Thursday we will take those first steps towards putting together a process that everyone can use, regardless of skill level.

We currently have over 2,000 registrations already. It would seem that we’ve struck a chord.

What are you waiting for? Get registered and we’ll see you there!