Next Monday is the first Monday of the month and that means it is time for Meme Monday. This is where I assign a writing assignment for those that need to be given a topic to write about in order to help you blog more often. With Meme Monday posts you don’t need to tag others, you don’t need to link back to this post, and you don’t have to wait to be tagged. Just start writing!

This month the assignment is as follows:

List out all the little things you do as a DBA, since the term DBA means so many different things in each shop.

Simple, right?

Here would be my example:

  • backups
  • restores
  • security
  • audit reviews
  • troubleshooting
  • monitoring
  • administering anything with the letters ‘SQL’
  • explain how and why the code in development performs better than the code in production
  • upgrades
  • migrations
  • attend long meetings
  • develop the ability to detect issues before they happen
  • commiserate with server and network admins as necessary
  • troubleshoot issues with Active Directory
  • disaster recovery exercises
  • regular maintenance for indexes and integrity
  • referee
  • therapist
  • say no to the developers that still insist on SA rights
  • work most nights and weekends
  • beg server admins for more disk space
  • beg customers to purge/archive data because server admins won’t give you more disk space
  • develop some type of food/drink addiction (bacon, coffee, etc.)

Enjoy this assignment, I look forward to reading your posts next week!

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