Next Monday is the first Monday of the month, which means it is time for your writing assignments.

The topic this time around will be: working with deadlines.

Think about any tips or tricks you have with regards to working with (or around) deadlines. Your stories and experience with getting stuff done with only minutes to spare would be great to share with others.

Most of my best stories about getting things done with only minutes to spare have to do with coaching and I really couldn’t put into words on a blog so you’ll need to stop me sometime and ask me about them in person. As far as being a database professional, the tip I would give you is this: work backwards.

If you have a deadline, you likely have a project of some type. If you have a project of some type you likely have details and deliverables that make up the project. If you know the details and deliverables you likely will know the things you need in order to get those details done and delivered. If you know the things you need to do, then you likely know how long they will take. And all of that means you should be able to figure out when certain things need to get started, and finished.

Working backwards has always helped me stay on top of such things, and I would encourage you to try that as well.