Saw this review today and wanted to share it with everyone here:

I’m touched that Mike would take the time to write such a wonderful (and unsolicited) review of “that little book” I wrote almost two years ago now. I’d like for you to read his entire review, but I am going to share his last paragraph with you here:

“Now many folks probably think this is just a book for the junior DBA, for someone who’s just getting started, but I know this book has value for data professionals of all levels. This book is not a detailed guide or roadmap for solving specific problems, but a series of highway sign posts to get people headed in the right direction. Maybe you are a fresh DBA, looking to get in to the industry or just survive your first week on the job. Or maybe you’re like me, a career DBA who is looking to refocus my career and looking for that “big picture view”. No matter how you got here, DBA Survivor is an excellent starting point for the rest of your database career.”

The holiday shopping season may be over, but my book would still make an excellent gift at any time of the year (yes, that *is* my opinion, thankyouverymuch).

Thanks Mike, next time I see you the bacon is on me!