OK, since today is technically a holiday for many, I had planned on holding this months meme Monday blog posts until tomorrow. But since tomorrow is named “Tuesday”, it didn’t make much sense. So, we will just wait until next Monday for people to publish their posts rather than having you rush to get it done for tomorrow.

The topic this month is this: What do you want to do for your #sqlfamily in 2012?

For example, perhaps you want to share your knowledge of SQL Server Audit. You might set a goal of speaking at 2-3 local events and perhaps writing 2-3 articles on the topic. Or, you could help your #sqlfamily by volunteering to help organize a local event. Or perhaps you will try to find 12 people (one per month) where you will write a recommendation for them on their LinkedIn profile, or maybe nominate them for the SQL MVP award.

The purpose of the post (besides helping you with your writing) is for you to think about all the different ways in which you can help contribute to the SQL Community, and to the #sqlfamily.

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