With the 4th of July holiday falling on the first Monday of the month (AKA “Meme Monday”), I bumped our writing exercise to the second Monday in July. This month we are going to dive into something a bit creative, and something I hope you can have fun with: SQL Horoscopes, or SQLstrology, whichever name you prefer.

Feel free to do this however you wish. You can write one, a dozen, (or 13 if you believe in the nonsense of there being a new astrological sign). Here is my example (click here for the entire list):

Like the Universe itself, today brings endless possibilities for dear Gemini servers. Your new index maintenance scripts are either going to earn you some well deserved recognition or plenty of free time in the future to explore your other interests. Lucky number is 64.

On this coming Monday (July 11th) post your entry in the latest Meme Monday, and don’t wait to be tagged by someone, just go ahead and start writing!