OK, the meme this month will be “dumb SQL questions”.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, you want to tell me that “there are no dumb questions”. That’s fine, but you’re wrong. There are lots of dumb questions. If you need an example try this: “what will happen if I insert this screwdriver into that electrical socket?” Everyone has a line they draw when it comes to such things. Most of us in the SQL Community are quite willing to help everyone, no matter what their skill level, but even the best of us still shake our heads from time to time.

So, how often are you asked a “dumb” question, one that you feel is simple and the person should already know the answer? Better yet, how often have you felt the need to ask a “dumb” question? You know the type of question…the one that even before you ask it you know people will respond back by most likely saying “that’s a dumb question”.

Well, this month you have your chance to ask (and answer) such a question.

Here’s my example:

“How often do I need to take a backup of the database?”

My answer:

Well, if you don’t care about recovery then the answer is “never”. So, how much data are you willing to lose? A day? A week? A month? A year? Ten minutes? You tell me how much you need to be able to recover, and how fast you want me to be able to recover it, and I’ll tell you how often we will do the backups.

Don’t wait to get tagged in Meme Monday, so go ahead and write your own post!