This morning I saw a quick blog post from Steve Jones (blog | @way0utwest) regarding an idea he and Andy Warren (blog | @sqlandy) were putting together called the Mentoring Experiment. It reminded me of the goal list I had put together for 2010, when I stated that I wanted to find 3 people to mentor.

I am a strong believer in mentoring, and I am very happy to see that Steve and Andy are making an effort to help get people paired up. If you have often thought about how you might like to have your own personal DBA Coach, now is your chance. Go and fill out an application.

I hope that in the future Steve and Andy will expand the program a bit and also allow people to submit an application to be a mentor for others. Right now it seems to be only going the other way, as they have already hand picked the mentors to serve. I know it isn’t easy matching people up, but I do hope that in the future they will put out a “call for mentors” and allow someone like myself to stand up and volunteer to serve.

Until then, I will do my best to get as many people as I can to submit an application for their experiment.