OK folks, for those that took part last time, I thank you very much. I had lots of great feedback on my little idea and I want to keep it going. Same rules as last time, you don’t need to be tagged, you don’t need to link back anywhere, you just need to write. (Remember, this was all an exercise to help give people something to write about).

Next Monday we will kick off a new meme, this time it will be “I got 99 problems but a disk ain’t one”. The idea is for you to list out the things that can go wrong with SQL that are NOT a result of disk issues. No, you don’t need to do 99, try to think of nine (9) things that come to mind. For example, your list could include things like linked servers, or NULLs, or whatever you would consider to be an issue in your shop.

I’ll post my list on Monday.


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