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Additional Resource Added!

Additional Resource Added!

I have added an additional resource to my resourcedb group on my rankings page. I’ll give you one guess as to who would be bumped up to join Paul (blog | twitter) and Kim (blog | twitter) in that group? Did you guess already? Was it Brent? If so, nicely done. If not, go back to sleeping on the couch to the endless drones of vuvuzelas while watching grown men kick a ball past each other in the spirit of world domination.

Congrats to Brent as well as the other promotions I handed out. Find out more details on my rankings page.

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  • I’VE BEEN PROMOTED! I don’t think I’ve had a promotion in several years, so that’s kinda funny to me. My job title only changes when I switch companies, and yet I’m still doing pretty much the same thing, just in a different mix. Funny how that works.

    • Thomas LaRock

      yeah, like me, the only promotion you’ve had in years is when you promote yourself! I know *exactly* how that feels.

      i’m leaving the link to your personal blog, but can change the link to be your SQL Skills one, just let me know which you prefer.

  • I’m going to recommend XKCD for the humor category. Congrats, Brent!

  • smigel

    What?????? Brent Ozar among Paul and Kimberly????? This ranking sucks big time.

  • You might want to spend a little bit more time on the couch, the World Cup finished over a week ago 🙂

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