One of the many wonderful things that came out of the MVP Summit for me last week was UserVoice. Both readers of my blog may have noticed the red ‘Feedback’ tab on the left hand side of the page. This tab will lead you to a forum that I have configured with UserVoice.

Last week we were given a userid and password and asked to participate actively in a session demo on SQL Azure. While the demo was taking place we were giving suggestions and voting on other suggestions. It was almost like using Twitter (even to the point where someone suggested that there should be an official meat product for the MVP Summit but my NDA prohibits me from telling you that the meat suggested was, in fact, bacon). It was a way for everyone in the room to actively participate and it was awesome.

So, I thought I would add it to my site as well. I hope to use it for my own presentations, or as a general suggestion box of sorts. I already had someone suggest my offering a list of tools needed for a DBA Survivor, and I am going to see what I can do. And I know that Pinal Dave suggested at the MVP Summit that I go back to offering more details on my SQL blogger rankings, so I hope to incorporate that as well.

With UserVoice, I should have a way for people to provide detailed feedback and even vote up other suggestions.