Aaron Bertrand and Denny Cherry double-teamed me in another round of Web 2.0 Chainposting, and you know I never dare break the chain. I spent a few days thinking about what MacGyver moments I have had that I could share. And to be honest, very few came to mind. Apparently I am not very imaginative, or I have been fortunate enough to always have all the resources I need at my disposal.

Technically the rules for this chainpost do not call for me to recall a MacGyver moment only from my IT history. As such, many of my moments come from coaching. I would gladly recount for you the time we came from seven points down with two minutes to play, quite possibly my best coaching moment ever, but I doubt you want to read about that. I could tell you about the fantasy football website I built in ASP.NET on top of MS Access ’97 and the late nights I put in trying to figure out a way to enforce the league rules by building various arrays, but that doesn’t seem too exciting either. And there are the handful of times I have coded a solution that helped streamline one thing or another, but it really doesn’t strike me as “MacGyver-esque”.

So, I decided to think about someone who is like MacGyver in real life. Someone who constantly makes something out of nothing and is able to get himself out of seemingly any situation. Watch this video and you’ll agree how nothing we do in IT can compare to what a real MacGyver would do in real life while thinking of England.

I’m tagging Kevin Kline, and only Kevin Kline, because I don’t want to hear him whine anymore.