I updated my blog rankings today. Joe Webb and Jorge Segarra are moving up, and Jason Strate gets to stick around because he can make the pizza. If you weren’t at SQLKaraoke then that last sentence makes no sense.

I am going to try my best to update the page a little more frequently than I have been doing in the past. Clearly I have been too nice to some “bloggers” who are not doing any actual blogging. Look for more quick and frequent movements. I’m not looking to hurt anyone’s feelings, I just want people to be aware of who is doing good work right now as opposed to who did some good work a few months ago.

As always, if there is a blog you think I should consider reviewing, just let me know. I have about 100 blogs outside of those listed and I look at them every day. If someone out there is doing good work and you think they should be listed just drop me an email and that will get them on my radar. And yes, you can even write to tell me about your blog but don’t bother asking me to include you in the rankings if you are only posting a few things every other month.