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SQL University Hoops Practice

SQL University Hoops Practice

OK everyone, bring it in for a minute.

We had a great scrimmage last week against MS Access Community College. The Jets played tough, and we knew they would, and they showed us just how far we have to go this year. At this time of the season we are building our conditioning while we work on our timing. But the area I am most concerned with is our defense. We let the Jets walk through our zone. Just walk right through. Like they knew what we were going to do, or they could remember, which is really disturbing because they have no cache to store any memories.

So today we will be working on our defense. Let’s get going with some layups to start. Two lines, LET’S GO!


This week you focused on basic administrative tasks in your lectures, so let’s start by reviewing some basics of SSMS. Open up SSMS and connect to an instance. I don’t care if you use windows authentication or SQL authentication, but I do expect you to know the difference. Have you connected yet? Good. Now pick a database, any database, right-click and examine the properties of that database. Look at everything you can and become familiar with how SSMS reports back on the properties for that database.


In SSMS configure a Central Management Server (CMS). It doesn’t matter which server you choose for this, just get it done. Now, register your servers inside of the CMS. Then, when new team members join you can have them connect to the CMS and they will also see the same list of servers that you do, making communication a little bit easier for your team.


You have got to learn to move around while dribbling. If you cannot put the ball to the floor strong even one time, then I cannot find time for you on the floor.

Start browsing through all of the folders in SSMS. Go to the error logs. Open them. Click on the checkboxes on the left and look at the event logs. Right click on the jobs in SQL Agent and view the job history. Double-click on the Job Activity Monitor. Whatever you do, just explore all that there is inside of SSMS. It will help you later on when you really need to find something.

Fast Break

As the season goes on I expect to be forcing more turnovers, which will lead to more fast break opportunities. I DO NOT WANT TO BE THROWING THE BALL AWAY ON FAST BREAKS. Too many times against the Jets we let an easy two points get away because we would make a bad pass. Let’s get that cleaned up today, OK?

Start digging into the default data, log, and backup locations for your instances. These are registry settings but they can be found in SSMS by examining the Server Properties. Make certain you are configuring these correctly, it will be quite helpful for those times when vendors like to come in and start creating databases as part of their installs.


We need to work on your speed still. Start configuring your initial installs to run with scripts. No need for you to be sitting at your screen and clicking on buttons in order to install SQL. Build some scripts to do the work for you and you can review the log files afterwards. Plus, using scripts helps to ensure that your configurations are following a standard.


Everyone on the baseline. Pair up with someone else that plays your position. One of you take a ball, the other plays defense. Dribble towards the sideline and the defender will slide their feet to keep up and beat you to the spot. Then, reverse and come back towards mid-court. Continue in a zig-zag until you reach the endline, then switch roles and go back down the other way. You will do this five times for each player.

OK, go get some water and be back here in two minutes. Great, now let’s work on our defense. We are playing ASE Junior College this weekend, and they are going to want to settle some old scores. I think we can run with them and want to extend the floor a bit. So today we will put in our 2-2-1 press and fall back into a 2-3 zone. Chances are they will throw the ball away a handful of times and allow us to get some easy baskets as well as some extra possessions.

Huddle Up

OK, here is the starting five for our next game:

Now, let’s finish up with some out-of-bounds plays and then a quick scrimmage.

  • Do you need a “towel boy” or “water boy”? I can volunteer.

    • Thomas LaRock

      We could use someone to keep track of stats during our games. Name all the possible ways you can turn the ball over.

  • I don’t know basketball. Does my position mean I get to elbow people?

    • Thomas LaRock

      It depends.