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Fast, Cheap, and Easy

Fast, Cheap, and Easy

Jeremiah Peschka claims to have quickly and easily put together this post on how to attend the PASS Summit on the cheap. In my book, that is his way of saying he is fast, cheap, and easy, but he claims that he has only two of those three traits.

If you have concerns about getting to PASS because of expenses, you need to read his post.

You need to read his post.

You need to read his post.

I recently read somewhere that you need to say something three times before people will listen. I hope you get my point about reading his post.

I had to turn down his volume a bit during the recording because in addition to being fast, cheap, and easy, Jeremiah is a bit of a loud talker. In fact, when you meet him in person you will probably be stunned by all the shouting. Don’t be alarmed by this, he is just an 80-inch tall teddy bear.

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  • Good point about the indy consultants… I’m on of “them” and I can’t begin to explain how pumped I am for the PASS Summit this year.

    As a contractor I feel it’s even MORE important to make sure that I’m constantly learning about the new features and functionality within SQL Server and what better place to do so then at the Summit where I’m surrounded by the best of the best.

    When it comes to the dollars and cents if you’re a contractor you need to make sure your rate supports your personal and professional life. Your rate should accomodate your desire to take holidays, sick days, personal days, and to go for training or conferences.

    Great post Tom / Jeremiah!!

  • Dave Schutz

    I took Jeremiah’s advice about being cheap and am going to PASS! It was a good post; and he only had to tell me once.

    • Thomas LaRock

      nice! glad to hear that we will see you there.