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Policy Based Management Podcast – Part 2

Policy Based Management Podcast – Part 2

Continuing from yesterday we have part two of our podcast where Brent and I continue our discussion of PBM.

In this part we discuss how to use Central Management Server to deploy one policy against multiple servers, show a major usability FAIL in the SSMS GUI, hear Brent say he will edit something out that he clearly never did, and see how to build your very own custom policy using the ExecuteSql() built-in function.

You can download the custom policy I created by clicking on the link here: Database Backup File Check Policy

For Part 1 click here. You’re welcome.

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  • Blue on blue – I know this unfortunate but here’s the story behind it. Management Studio picks up the user’s Windows color settings. The default in Windows is the row highlight is blue and hyperlinks are dark blue. We explored various ways to address this but in each case we would have had to ignore the user’s settings. This wouldn’t be all that bad – most annoying is that Management Studio wouldn’t follow the standards for Windows apps – picking up the OS color settings. We also would have had to put in special logic to handle the situation where the user has selected a high contrast setting for accessibility. We had a lengthy and healthy debate on this during the development of SQL Server 2008 and at the end of it I made the decision that we’d leave it as is. I couldn’t justify spending time on the custom development work when we were following standard Windows programming practices.


    • Thomas LaRock


      Thanks for your reply. I had no idea you even knew about my blog!

      I am certain this came up during your debates, but my first thought would be to not highlight the row at any time. That would make it easier to read and still allow for the hyperlink.

      I certainly understand your decision to not override the default settings, I just question how the GUI needed to present the information back to the user. The blue-on-blue would have made me want to design the feedback in a different way altogether, because it is too much of a usability fail.

      yeah, that’s easy for me to say, because i am not building the tools, i know.

      hope to see you at PASS this year,


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