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24 Hours of SQLRockstar

24 Hours of SQLRockstar

Have you heard about the upcoming FREE training event sponsored by PASS? Have you been wondering how you could register? Have you been thinking “maybe I will wait and see what sessions they have lined up before I decide to register?” Have you also been sitting there and wondering “how can I get more of SQLRockstar into my day?” Today is your lucky day, because you can have it all.

I will be attending each and every session during the event.

That’s right, whatever session you plan on attending, I will be there. I not only intend to watch every session, but to give you the ability to interact with me during the session in three different ways.

  1. I plan on blogging about each session, giving a brief mention of the two or three items I am certain to learn in each session.
  2. I plan on tweeting during the event as well, so you can follow my tweets if you so desire.
  3. I plan on streaming video of myself watching the sessions.

You can join in on the streaming video and participate in chat and I will answer your questions live, or you can tweet questions to me. Frankly, I have no idea what is going to work best for all of this but I expect that most of my answers will be done on the streaming broadcast as I try to keep up with the live blogging for each session.

Please do not register for all of the events unless you plan on attending them as well, we would prefer if you would register only for the events you will be attending. Just know that no matter which session you sign up for I will be there. And we can have a conversation in the back of the room, just as if we were at a live conference.

Yeah, it’s that awesome. You’re welcome.

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  • Great idea.

    I’m hoping to make a big chunk of them, depending on my other project loads.


    • Thomas LaRock

      nice! see you there!

  • Great idea!

    Frappe coffee is also good when the weather is hot! 🙂

    I will prepare some an have it on stand-by on that day!

    See you there!

  • Michael B

    Is there any way, short of recording my computer, to save this? I like SQL, but I also like sleep.

  • Michael, I’m told they’ll all be available for download sometime after the Summit in November.

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