The grand prize winner for the “Best Thing I Learned at the PASS Summit” contest was announced earlier this week. And the winner is SQL MVP Grant Fritchey. Perhaps you know of Grant by his SQLRockstar Blogger Rank, perhaps you know him as a respected author of technical books because you found him in my library, or perhaps you know him because of his ability to bend spoons with just the power from his mind. How it is that you used to know Grant does not matter because from this point forward I am going to simply call him “YouCan Toucan”.


YouCan Toucan’s entry was a wonderful read and inspirational as well. Maybe because I have seen the power of PASS firsthand is the reason I found his entry to hold some inspiration for others. Everything YouCan Toucan wrote is true. I should know, I have lived it for five years now.

I first met YouCan Toucan at PASS because we were both volunteering and as such we would often end up bumping into each other. Over the years YouCan Toucan and I have stayed in contact, he has even allowed me to present at the local user group he helped to organize. I have often asked him for help with things like Operations Manager and how to read execution plans (table scans are bad? really?) and he has always been there to help me.

Everything YouCan Toucan wrote is true, if you invest yourself into PASS you get an ROI that is in many ways impossible to calculate.