…is exactly what the title of this blog post would have been if (1) I had actually met Mr. Gabor previously and (2) if I actually had polio. I have no doubt he could cure polio, nervous stutters, facial tics, and xenophobia in one or possibly two sessions. The guy is that good and that is why I am going to attend his networking seminar on Monday, November 2nd at the PASS Community Summit from 4:30 to 6:30PM.

Remember how I had a list of people I was hoping to meet at PASS for the first time? Well, I finally figured out a date and time to meet with them. Everyone is welcome to join me before, during, or after Don’s session. The before works fine for me, the after works really well because I can practice all the Jedi mind tricks he is going to show me for only $60.

Yeah, that’s right for only $60 I am going to get a focused two hour seminar with a networking expert. Need proof of his ability to work miracles? Have you talked with Andy Warren recently? That guy is a walking billboard for Don Gabor right about now. Remember how Andy scared the hell out of anybody around him? Now he only makes them a little bit nervous, that’s how far Don has taken him in such a short amount of time. Imagine how far Don can take yourself!

I am very much a shy person and can use all the help I can get when it comes to working a room. And even if you are not looking to work a room, Don is going to teach you skills that can help with more personal situations, say when you are in a meeting with only two or three people. You will learn how to carry a conversation (great for meetings), how to present yourself (great for interviews), and how to follow up and build lasting business relationships (just great).

So, I will ping that gang of mine and see if they want to meet before or after, but I really hope I can convince them to attend the seminar with me. The idea of going to a networking event to meet complete strangers scares the hell out of me. I would feel much safer if I knew I was going there to meet up with a bunch of people I have met online in the past year because Chris Hansen has shown me just how safe that can be these days.