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The view from my office during the keynote.
Notes From the PASS Summit Keynote

Well, here we are, another PASS Summit behind us. Each Summit is special to me, in different ways. It's like having children; you love each of them but for different reasons and in different ways....

PASS Summit 2015 Preview

The air is getting colder, I'm seeing pumpkins on the front steps, and the PASS Summit is happening at the end of the month. Together that can mean only one thing: It's time for the PASS Summit preview! In less then three weeks I will head to Seattle to attend my twelfth consecutive PASS...

George Washington Rules of Civility
What I’m Bringing To PASS Summit 2014

Tomorrow I fly West to Seattle, heading to the Microsoft MVP Summit for Sunday and Monday followed by the PASS Summit on Tuesday through Friday. I usually try to write some type of Summit preview post but time was short this year. Instead I decided to share something else with...

This Is Your MVP Summit and It Is Ending One Session At A Time

This week marks my 4th MVP Summit, having earned the award in April of 2009 and attended every Summit since. I've written before about my MVP Summit experiences and how much I really enjoy attending. It's great to see so many familiar faces and say hello to folks I haven't...