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how to recreate sql server statistics in a different environment
HOW TO: Recreate SQL Server Statistics In a Different Environment

Did you know table and index statistics are the most important piece of metadata for your database?The reason for this has to do with how SQL Server (and other database engines) build query execution plans. The query optimizer builds an execution plan based upon the statistical data available at the...

101 Things I Wish You Knew About SQL Server

Last week I was visiting the SolarWinds home office in Austin and hanging with my fellow Head Geeks. Our conversations often cover a wide range of topics and at times even turn into teaching lessons for each other. I get to learn about networks, storage, virtualization, monitoring, etc. and I...

5 Things You Didn’t Know About SQL Agent

Microsoft SQL Server comes with a boatload of additional components. One component is the SQL Agent service. The purpose of the SQL Agent is to serve as a job scheduler. Many experienced DBAs use jobs running inside the SQL Agent to perform routine tasks such as backups, updating statistics, and rebuilding...

Do You Make These 5 Database Design Mistakes? [SLIDESHOW]

A while back I wrote a post on the five database design mistakes you don't want to make. I always meant to build slides for the post but never seemed to have the time. I finally found a few odd moments here and there over the past few weeks and...

error An incompatible SQL Server Version was detected
An incompatible SQL Server version was detected

I’m not what you would call an “early adopter” by any means, but I do try to work with the latest versions of software whenever possible. A few months ago I finally got around to taking Visual Studio 2013 for a test drive.The reason for me wanting to kick the...

The Problem With SQL Azure
The Problem With SQL Azure

The problem with SQL Azure is that it's not named SQL Azure. It used to be named SQL Azure, but in May of 2012 Microsoft announced that after 2 years of branding efforts they were going to put all their eggs into the Windows Azure basket. In doing so, SQL Azure became...