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BAC To The Future!

Yesterday I talked about the Accidental Architect. Today I want to add some additional thoughts.There is a reason why we end up gravitating towards careers as DBAs or architects: natural curiosity. We want to know how something works. We want to do our best to ensure that a system is...

Your Job Outlook Is Cloudy And That’s A Good Thing

I don't care where you work, or what industry you work in, if you are in IT then your department is subservient to the business side.Don't believe me? You should. IT departments are outsourced to companies like IBM all the time. Ever hear stories about how people have worked for...

All The Datas!

Well, of course you feel that way, especially when all the data is yours for the taking, much like dinner on Thanksgiving....

Would You Like Another Byte?

It happens every year.You sit at the table, feeling full and wanting more.So many choices are on the table for you. Having already sampled everything at least once, and despite no longer needing any additional calories, you stand up and stick your fork into plate of juicy turkey flesh. You...