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The Five DBA Food Groups

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the USA. It's a day where we are supposed to be thankful for what we have been given and instead we mostly use it as an excuse to eat obscene amounts of food, watch 10 hours of NFL action, and force retail workers to work longer...

How To Survive Any Database Disaster

Database disasters happen from time to time. I have a method that allows you and your business to survive any database disaster.Have backups.This isn't rocket surgery. You are only going to be able to fully recover from any disaster to the point of your last good backup.No backups mean you...

Lessons Learned From An Exploding Strip Club

It sounded like thunder, but not thunder, at the same time.Something was different about this sound. Also the lack of a flash of lightning made me think that it was not a clap of thunder. Not at all.I had just built a fire in our fireplace, the first of the...

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The 3 DBA Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making

You have no idea that what you are not doing is causing you pain.Then again, how could you know this? I mean, if you are not doing it, why would you ever think that your inaction could be the very thing that is causing you heartache every time your phone...