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5 More Questions For Interviewing a Database Administrator

I've written before about interviewing a Database Administrator (DBA) and general hiring techniques. I've talked about how an interview should be a conversation, not a trivia contest.  I always describe the interview process as being a lot like being on a blind date. You shouldn't be looking to stump someone during an interview. Memorization...

10 Things I Hate About Interviewing With You

The other day I wrote about the ten things I hate when interviewing someone. Today I will turn the tables and talk a bit about the things I don't like to see as an interviewee.I've been involved in evaluating talent and interviewing others for over twenty years. I've also been...

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10 Things I Hate About Interviewing You

An interview should be a conversation between two people. Nothing more, nothing less.In many ways it is like dating: two people sitting together and trying to learn a bit about each other to see if they want to spend more time together in the near future.If you are looking for a...