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Get All Endpoints for VMs in an Azure Subscription

I wrote a post recently about troubleshooting connectivity for endpoints on Microsoft Azure VMs. The day the post went out I was greeted with this tweet: right on time context post for me @SQLRockstar tx sir. Need to see on ports for my #linux vms with #mysql running :) — Shyam Viking...

can't connect to remote computer
Troubleshooting Azure Connectivity: Ports and Endpoints

It was a simple enough question, or so I thought. One I felt should be either a simple “yes” or “no”.“Do we block remote desktop connections here?”Sure enough, I got back the quick and simple answer I expected, along with a question for myself.“Nope. We don’t block any RDP sessions....

HOW TO: Output STATISTICS IO Details Using Powershell

Recently I found myself looking to automate a process that would connect to a database server and run a bunch of queries and return the results of SET STATISTICS IO for each one. I could certainly load my scripts into SSMS and output the results to a text file, but...