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What I’m Bringing To PASS Summit 2014

Tomorrow I fly West to Seattle, heading to the Microsoft MVP Summit for Sunday and Monday followed by the PASS Summit on Tuesday through Friday. I usually try to write some type of Summit preview post but time was short this year. Instead I decided to share something else with...

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BAC To The Future!

Yesterday I talked about the Accidental Architect. Today I want to add some additional thoughts.There is a reason why we end up gravitating towards careers as DBAs or architects: natural curiosity. We want to know how something works. We want to do our best to ensure that a system is...

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Things I Didn’t Do For the MCM Lab Exam

Not everyone consumes information in the same exact way.So whenever I hear about people that say "here's how you should study" it bothers me because they aren't taking the time to know what works best for the individual.That's how I shared my MCM prep tips last week; I told you...