14 Things Sysadmins Can Learn From an Elf

Last night it occurred to me how many lessons there are in the movie Elf for DBAs and sysadmins in general. So I decided to write a quick holiday post today using quotes from the movie. As always, you're welcome. ...

What’s Worse Than a NULL? An Incorrect NULL

Recently it was brought to my attention that the query_hash and query_plan_hash columns inside of sys.dm_exec_requests were returning NULL values. I think everyone knows how I feel about NULLs already, but this was slightly more concerning. See, I work for a company that makes this wonderful tool called Database Performance...

CXPACKET waits - You Need Three Heads To Read This Post Properly
You Need Three Heads To Read This Post Properly

I have a handful of things to share today. As a DBA it is my nature to be both driven and lazy so instead of three posts I am just going to combine them into one. You're welcome.Here's the first item for you:Recently Grant Fritchey (blog | @gfritchey) wrote an article titled "Be Cautious Offering...