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The Problem With SQL Azure
The Problem With SQL Azure

The problem with SQL Azure is that it's not named SQL Azure. It used to be named SQL Azure, but in May of 2012 Microsoft announced that after 2 years of branding efforts they were going to put all their eggs into the Windows Azure basket. In doing so, SQL Azure became...

Windows Azure SQL Database Strategies
Windows Azure SQL Database Strategies

I've been working with Windows Azure SQL Database (WASD) on and off for about three years. This past year I've been a bit more involved. I did the technical review of Pro SQL Database for Windows Azure last year. I also delivered a precon seminar along with Dandy Weyn (blog...

This Is Your MVP Summit and It Is Ending One Session At A Time

This week marks my 4th MVP Summit, having earned the award in April of 2009 and attended every Summit since. I've written before about my MVP Summit experiences and how much I really enjoy attending. It's great to see so many familiar faces and say hello to folks I haven't...

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Things I Didn’t Do For the MCM Lab Exam

Not everyone consumes information in the same exact way.So whenever I hear about people that say "here's how you should study" it bothers me because they aren't taking the time to know what works best for the individual.That's how I shared my MCM prep tips last week; I told you...