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You’re *STILL* Doing It Wrong: Job Postings

Here we go again.I've preached about this before. I've tried to help. But every time I think I've gotten the message out I inevitably have someone send me a job description so awful I feel compelled to share it here.I want you to read the following job description (yes, it *is*...

good jobs
You’re Doing it Wrong: Job Postings

Look folks, we've been down this road before. Apparently some of you are still not getting the message because I continue to get some really, really awful DBA job descriptions.My post about a better job description for everyone was a cut and paste from a job description that had been...

Job Interviews Should Not Be a Trivia Contest

I've written about the interview process before. It should be more of a conversation. I like to joke with people and compare it to a first date scenario; you want to get to know the person better before you decide to spend more time with them.Every interview I have ever...