14 Things Sysadmins Can Learn From an Elf

Last night it occurred to me how many lessons there are in the movie Elf for DBAs and sysadmins in general. So I decided to write a quick holiday post today using quotes from the movie. As always, you're welcome. ...

101 Things I Wish You Knew About SQL Server

Last week I was visiting the SolarWinds home office in Austin and hanging with my fellow Head Geeks. Our conversations often cover a wide range of topics and at times even turn into teaching lessons for each other. I get to learn about networks, storage, virtualization, monitoring, etc. and I...

42 Things You Should Never, Ever Say To a DBA

As a parent of two soon-to-be-asking-for-the-car-keys tweens, I came across this post the other day and found it struck a chord with me. I've gotten the eye-rolls from my daughter for everything on that list by now. My son is younger but I am certain he will also hit a point where everything on...

5 More Questions For Interviewing a Database Administrator

I've written before about interviewing a Database Administrator (DBA) and general hiring techniques. I've talked about how an interview should be a conversation, not a trivia contest.  I always describe the interview process as being a lot like being on a blind date. You shouldn't be looking to stump someone during an interview. Memorization...

5 Things Every DBA Needs To Say To A Developer
5 Things Every DBA Needs To Say To A Developer

In case your iCal stopped working with the new iOS update I feel the need to tell you that next week is Christmas here in the USA. I assume it is Christmas in other parts of the world but I've never witnessed such celebrations personally in other countries. And I hate...