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Give Us Your Time, We Give Our Money To Charity

One of the things I enjoy about working for Confio Software is that we are encouraged to find ways to give back to our communities. Two years ago I did our very first charity product demo, where we donated $5 to Community Food Share for every person that attended. We...

give, gain and grow

Last weekend some friends of mine (Jason Strate (blog | @stratesql), Tracy McKibben (blog | @RealSQLGuy)) jumped into a lake as part of a charity fundraiser. They even gave the event a hashtag: #SQLPlungeBut that's not why I am writing this today.Throughout the year I will see members of the SQL Community give. They...

Community Foodshare Needs Help From #500people

This is not my typical blog post.I am going to ask you for some help.I am going to ask for you to help me feed others.Last year at this time I had an unusual idea. I wanted to entice people to attend a product demo while at the same time raising...