HOW TO: Find When SQL Server Wait Stats Were Last Cleared

For years I have found myself often needing these three pieces of information with regards to SQL Server:When was the last time the server was restarted?When was the last time the SQL instance was restarted?When was the last time the SQL Server wait stats were cleared?If the server...

SQL Server Configuration Check

I was going through some old files recently and I came across a folder that was essentially a junk drawer of scripts I've put together over the years. I don't know what to do with most of them now. For example, the isql scripts for some...

SQL Server 2014 Cardinality Estimator
SQL 2014 Cardinality Estimator: Why You Should Care

This is the first of two posts on the new Cardinality Estimator in SQL Server 2014. SQL Server 2014 comes with a lot of shiny things. Hekaton (or as Microsoft Marketing likes to call it, In-Memory OLTP), updateable Columnstore indexes, and buffer pool extensions are some...