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14 Things Sysadmins Can Learn From an Elf

Last night it occurred to me how many lessons there are in the movie Elf for DBAs and sysadmins in general. So I decided to write a quick holiday post today using quotes from the movie. As always, you're welcome. ...

The DBA Plate rz
The DBA Plate for 2016

Four years ago I wrote about the DBA Plate, which was a reference to the food plate that replaced the food pyramid right about the time the U.S. Congress declared pizza to be a vegetable. I had every intention of keeping the plate updated annually but never got around to...

The view from my office during the keynote.
Notes From the PASS Summit Keynote

Well, here we are, another PASS Summit behind us. Each Summit is special to me, in different ways. It's like having children; you love each of them but for different reasons and in different ways....

Help Keep PASS Summit Awesome for Everyone

Earlier this week I saw this post from Chris Webb (blog | @technitrain) regarding a session he is delivering at the upcoming PASS Summit. When I read the abstract there was one section that jumped out at me (emphasis mine): If you’ve been to PASS Summit before, you know that social media...

PASS Summit 2015 Preview

The air is getting colder, I'm seeing pumpkins on the front steps, and the PASS Summit is happening at the end of the month. Together that can mean only one thing: It's time for the PASS Summit preview! In less then three weeks I will head to Seattle to attend my twelfth consecutive PASS...

Blogging Update

I wanted to take a moment to give you some updates on a few things related to this blog.First up, you may have noticed things look a bit different here. The blog has been redesigned. In fact, it's not really a blog anymore. It's a real website that just happens...