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Has your data gone rogue?
Has Your Data Gone Rogue?

Rogue data is data that is either maintained outside of, or has simply left, the control and security measures used by your company. I have yet to meet any data professional that is comfortable with the idea that their data may have gone rogue. This is especially true whenever the...

Q&A From My Azure Webinar With Scott Klein

Recently (OK, on July 23rd, 2014 to be exact) I co-presented a webinar with Scott Klein (blog | @SQLScott) titled "Know Before You Go: SQL Server on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines". It was a repeat performance of the session we delivered at TechEd in Houston earlier this year. There were a...

Microsoft Azure SQL Database Data Compression

Back in March there was an announcement that data compression was available for Microsoft Azure SQL Database (MASD). This was met with much rejoicing. You can read more about the announcement here.Oh, wait...

The Problem With SQL Azure
The Problem With SQL Azure

The problem with SQL Azure is that it's not named SQL Azure. It used to be named SQL Azure, but in May of 2012 Microsoft announced that after 2 years of branding efforts they were going to put all their eggs into the Windows Azure basket. In doing so, SQL Azure became...

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The Top 5 SQL Server Features You Aren’t Using And Why

I'm throwing my money away.I know I am, and yet I still do it. It's not a lot of money though.See, I pay for a services bundle (phone, internet, cable television) from the one-and-only provider for my town and I'm certain that I am not using every possible feature. For...

Choosing the right cloud solution provider that's right for you
Choosing The Cloud Solution Provider That’s Right For You

It's hard to talk architecture these days without a mention of the Cloud finding it's way into the conversation. Everyone wants to know "is the Cloud right for me?" Unfortunately a lot of people have no idea what "cloud" truly means.Do some digging on what "cloud" means and you will find a...