Junk Science

"Baby, you believe what you want to believe." - Tom PettyThis past weekend there was a report that the mysterious case of Jack the Ripper had been solved. Not by Scotland Yard, or INTERPOL, or even the Smithsonian Institution.No, the case was solved by an amateur detective and a university...

Happy Sysadmin Day!
Happy Sysadmin Day!

I've said it before but it bears repeating: I work with some amazingly creative people these days.[tentblogger-youtube KnWfHgmTzmU]Happy Sysadmin Day!...

Coffee Perceptions

I've written before about the idea of parallax with regards to your career. But parallax, or perceptions, can be applied to just about anything. Just for some Friday fun, let's think about the different perceptions we can have regarding a cup of coffee.The classic perception, of course, would be "do...