Survival Tips For DBAs: How To Talk To Your Developers


Survival Tips For DBAs: How To Talk To Your Developers

Last week I made a sincere effort to help build some bridges. Since that post was published I have received many requests for a similar chart in the other direction: teaching a DBA on how to talk to a developer. Well, here it is.


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  • It’s called a relational database for a reason! vs Oh, you’re using the application to maintain integrity. vs Wow, that looks fast! vs Yes, you are brilliant.

    Bravo. But now we need a hug session 🙂

  • “The programmer, like the like the landfill maintenance worker, works only slightly removed from pure garbage. He builds his castles in the muck, from muck, creating by exertion of the filthy mechanical machines. Few media of creation are so odiferous, so hard to polish and easy to rework, so readily capable of realizing grand conceptual structures to be buried for the ages, releasing methane gas.” – with apologies to Fred Brooks

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  • Can’t tell if you are going for humor only or serious with humor added. I think the latter but the first “safest” and “safer” won’t ever fix those issues in the code 🙂 Maybe “Here’s a couple blog posts on query tuning” and “Let’s sit down and walk through those query plans and IO stats and see what we can figure out” work better in the serious approach there?

    Either way. Two great tables here, sir.