The Oddest Job Interview Questions for 2011

30 Jan 2012 The Oddest Job Interview Questions for 2011

Since I wrote just last week about interview questions for a DBA, I came across this article and wanted to share it here also. I don’t believe that an interview should be a trivia contest. These questions aren’t about knowing a trivial piece of information. They are (probably) designed to illicit a response that helps everyone to understand your thought process.

When it comes to a job interview my advice is this: don’t panic. Be yourself, have a conversation, and let people know who you are and how you think. If you pretend to be somebody else and get hired the end result is often a poor fit.

  • Very good article on the 5 questions for interviewing a DBA and I liked the article as well for the weirdest questions asked at an interview. Luckily I have not gotten one of those because I might of laughed at the weirdness of the question. Not sure what relevance they have for these question unless they are trying to get a reaction or see how you handle different situations or in this case, questions. Those questions would not help me relax.