It seems that everywhere I turn these days I am either reading or hearing about how the new SQL2012 licensing changes are the worst thing since Windows Vista, and possibly since Microsoft Bob.

Well I am here to tell you that things could always be worse. How so? Check out this blog post regarding Oracle and their costs:

So, your three takeaways from that article are this:

  1. Oracle
  2. Oppressive
  3. Costs

The more I get to see of Oracle’s licensing and how they nickle and dime you for everything reminds me of how airlines operate, or even Hootsuite.

I’m happy with how Microsoft is doing their licensing, but that’s also because I don’t run a data center and have to buy licenses, or Software Assurance, or, well…anything. But I am also aware that in about ten years none of this will matter because it will be all-Azure, all the time.

Get used to the changes people, there’s still more of them to come.

And be thankful you aren’t writing multiple checks to Larry Ellison every few weeks.