In case you missed it last week,n here is a reminder about my webinar tomorrow (you can register here):

SQL Server Performance Tuning Made Easy

Traditional performance tuning tools and methodology are largely inefficient for solving problems quickly. Learn how to put a performance tuning process – based on the concept of Performance Intelligence – into your work routine that will save you time, your company money, and allow you to be more proactive.

I am going to take you on a stroll down memory lane. We’ll talk about the lessons I learned over the years as a DBA. Most notably how I learned that many of the native tools, by themselves, were inadequate for proactive performance tuning. Many DBAs start to realize this as well and either purchase a tool or roll their own solution. Either way is fine, but if you want to be truly efficient then your system needs to have performance intelligence.

I’ll explain what it means for your system to have performance intelligence and you’ll understand why such a system will make you better as a DBA. You’ll be able to turn the corner from being a reactive DBA to a proactive one. It took me years to understand the “big picture” but I will break it all down for you to understand it in less than an hour.

The best DBAs aren’t the one who can fix things the fastest, they’re the ones who make certain things don’t break to begin with. Watch tomorrow and you’ll be on your way to being one of those DBAs.