The question for the week has to do with linked servers. We used to define linked servers as the name of the server they were connecting to as that made it easy to see where they were going and other users could reuse the links when needed. The first issue we had with this was the fact that we have different server names based upon environment. This meant that your code in development would have one type of server name, which meant your code in test would need to be changed, as well as prod.

The idea of maintaining three different versions of code was not pleasing to anyone, so we made a switch and started using linked servers defined with the name of a specific application. This meant we would be able to reuse code easily as long as the links were named the same in each environment. Of course, this has led to a proliferation in the number of links defined to any particular instance. So, if three different applications needed to link out to another server, we would have three different links defined.

So my question is: What is the standard for naming linked servers in your shop?