Yesterday marked the soft launch of a new technical resource, the SQLServerPedia Wiki. The official launch will happen during the PASS conference next month, but I wanted to help spread the word now. Why? Good question. In addition to my crime fighting duties, I also happen to be the Monitoring Editor for the wiki.  Brent asked me a few weeks ago if I would be interested and I said “no”. He then said “please” and I said “hell no”. He then said he would buy me a beer at PASS next month and I said “fine”.

True story.

So, yes, I have an interest in promoting the wiki. I am very excited to be able to contribute to the community in a way that I feel is most appropriate for today’s technical learning. I think many of us find ourselves using wikis and blogs in order to piece together information when researching issues. Getting in on the ground floor for the best SQL wiki is a wonderful opportunity.

Of course, we will go nowhere without getting people to contribute. I know that not everyone wants to be a rock star, not everyone wants to write or contribute their ideas. But unless we can find a way to encourage others to contribute, then this wiki will be nothing more than the ramblings of a dozen Jagermeister infused MS SQL database administrators. And we need it to be more than that. More importantly, we want it to be more than that.

So, contribute. Please. Even if it is just a few lines. Or if it is just a comment you leave for me on this blog, or in an email that says “hey, you forgot this, so open your eyes and add this bit of knowledge”. We need that content in order to get this wiki to where we all think it belongs.